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Dell SonicWALL Firewall Management

Ideal solutions for your company’s profile

The Dell SonicWALL Firewalls management service of Aser Security is for companies of all sizes and government institutions in order to provide a personalized service management, including proactive monitoring and continuous improvement.


TZ Series

Small Units and Branches

The Dell SonicWALL TZ Series is intended for small organizations with interconnections needs through a private network, providing intrusion prevention, malware blocking, Internet content management and high performance application control capabilities.

User Limit 150 
Max. Speed 500Mbps
UTM Speed 60 Mbps
VPN Speed 130 Mbps
Simultaneous Connections 48000
Site-to-Site VPN Tunels 20

NSA Series

Medium-sized Enterprises

The NSA Series Next-Generation Firewall provides security, reliability and performance for companies, small and medium-sized organizations, branches, school campus and government agencies. The NSA Series reduces costs and complexity of deploying, integrating multiple technologies in a single security device.

User Limit 250
Max. Speed 1.9 Gbps
DPI Speed 300 Mbps
VPN Speed 1.1 Gbps
Simultaneous Connections 225000
Site-to-Site VPN Tunels 75

NSA E-Class Series

Large Size and Government Companies

With its architecture of various scalable cores, this series of Next-Generation High Performance Firewall provides protection at a higher level and advanced control solutions for large enterprise deployments, government, university and service providers.

User Limit Irrestrito
Max. Speed 8 Gbps
UTM Speed 2 Gbps
VPN Speed 4 Gbps
Simultaneous Connections 1,500,000
Site-to-Site VPN Tunels 10,000

For more details, download the datasheet with the specifications of each appliance


How the Migration Process is performed?

Why choose our SonicWALL Firewall Management Service?

24/7 Support

Administration, Support and Incident Response to 24 hours and 7 days a week, with a technical specialist team to analyze and correlate the events collected by the devices, to provide availability and security to customers.

Greater Performance

Firewall performance optimization with custom settings according to the profile and specific customer needs, minimizing maintenance requirements
and for prioritizing policies and security rules of your corporate network.

Lowest Operating Cost

We offer Security SaaS. Get a more cost effective using our Management
Services Firewall and monitoring. Save Money!

Increased Productivity for IT Staff

Increased availability of internal IT staff, enabling the time is spent on strategic situations the department and the company, while the ASER Security ensures the security, integrity and network performance.


Advice and assistance on compliance initiatives for the client achieve the standard of compliance with the main standards and certifications
market in which to offer Company security differentials for its consumer.

Monitoring and Reporting

Reports by trained experts in turning technical knowledge administrative
information, which will be delivered in Committees for analysis of
indicators and transfer the working guidelines of the parties.

Ask the contact of our consultants.