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Aser Security

Our Solutions

Managed Services:

The technologies do not solve all the problems by his own. React faster and better.


Incident Response:

Be prepared for security events in your network.


Insecurity Management:

Manage the vulnerability life cycle in your infrastructure.


Or see our suggestions according to the size of your company network


More than

MILLION monthly events.
The Aser Security SNOC has a high processing power and high-capacity screening events.


Places Monitored.
We monitor it and collect events in all regions of Brazil. This number is increasing…


Protected Assets.
We are providing our customers a better control of the vulnerabilities and more amored network..


Why choose Aser Security?

Well Defined Processes

There is no antidote for “the security problem”. It is the continuous improvement and monitoring that make the environments safer.

Highly Specialized Staff

Nobody automates intelligence! Havving a good security technology is crucial but often not enough.

Agressive SLAs

Our success is to serve our customers in a different way.

Cost Reduction

We offer Security as a Service (SaaS). Get a better value using our Antivirus and Firewall licenses.

Total Monitoring

Understand the emerging cyber threats, proactively manage security risks and have complete control over events in your corporate network.

Security 24h

24x7x365 protection of networks, devices, applications and data from
cyber threats.


Help for Compliance

Rapid and efficient implementation of important security controls for adaptation to the norms and regulations like PCI-DSS, ISO, HIPPA, and others.

Complete and Intuitive Interfaces

Our tools have graphics and elements easy to understand, wich represents a higher operating efficiency and significantly reducing of TCO.

We deliver RESULTS

Buy results is much cheaper, intelligent and simple than buy products.

Remote Management SystemPortal Aser RMS

Centralized management of contracted solutions and services.

ASER Security is concerned with sharing the information that concerns them and controlling the solutions we implement. With that in mind, we developed the RMS Portal (Remote Management System), where it is possible to have access to all the interfaces of the contracted services, in a single online platform, also allowing the mobility of controls.


Are you interested or have any questions?

Request contact from one of our consultants!



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