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Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus

Complete safety and efficient management

The Risk of False Security Sensation

It is estimated that computer viruses cost for companies more than $ 55 million annually. For security, companies are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in licensing and deployment costs. However, companies have not been successful in protecting the seasons. All this arsenal to contain the virus, in fact, is nothing but a dangerous sense of security.

Effective security is only achieved through an integrated project, and its success depends on the involvement and team discipline in 24/7 monitoring.

The antivirus management service of ASER Security provides continuous monitoring of the management console, ensuring the monitoring of virus disseminations, patches and updates to ensure the application on each computer in the baseline.

You will not have to worry about annual license updates or if the updates settings are running on each computer or server.

Managed Antivirus provides:

+ Antivirus Administration 24/7
+ Optimizing the Performance of scans
+ Hosting without server investments
+ Protection against Virus, Spyware, Rootkits and Bots
+ Monthly Reports with safety indicators
+ Proactive Notifications about incidents
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Continuous monitoring logs

The problem

Viruses and Worms pose serious threats to all organizations. When feeling the negative impacts of being online, companies start looking for long-term solutions.

One of our customers was working to deploy antivirus software on their servers and desktops. And despite these efforts, as in most organizations, the results were far from perfect, and several virus outbreaks were still occurring causing considerable disruption and expense for the company, as well as the diversion of IT resources to try to solve such problems.

The solution

In reassessing this customer’s situation, Aser Security’s Information Security experts found that they were in the same situation as most organizations, facing the same problems and making the same mistakes.

Aser Security proposed the implementation of the Antivirus Management Serviceto provide an actively managed and multi-layered system to deal with the problems caused by viruses and worms. The service provided the client with all software licenses combined with the expertise of a team to install, configure and operate 24×7.

The company chose to hire Aser Security’s Antivirus Management Service the morning that would be marked by one of the biggest virus outbreaks on record, “Anna K”. All traffic from the customer’s website was routed through antivirus gateway servers, effectively shielding it from the rest of the internet. The implementation has been completed and fully integrated into the managed server and desktop environment

The result

From the first day the customer realized that the service was delivered as promised. While most organizations struggled with the “Anna k” burden, the Antivirus Management service provided the customer with the security to keep their services online.

The main returns for the client were:

  • Our experts are monitoring your system 24×7, and when other virus outbreaks happen they are ready to take steps to protect you.
  • The customer was not required to purchase additional software. In addition, the previously installed antivirus was returned.
  • Your system now operates without interruption due to viruses, unlike its competitors