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Link FailOver & Load Balance

Link FailOver & Load Balance

Ensure 100% availability in your operation.

What is the value of 1 minute of your business?

Remain online, considering the growing competition between companies, has become a prerequisite for growth. For a company to leverage all its competitive advantages is essential to be online.

Avoid damage caused by the unavailability of its services.

The ASER Security implements automatic failover solutions, continually checking the health of all the links, ensuring cost reduction and 100% availability. The time to link the convergence of 1s (one second) on average. The change to the other results is transparent to the credit card and ERP systems.

The Link FailOver & Load Balance offers:

+ Visibility of links usage
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Traffic Prioritization
+ Link balancing based on application
+ Maximizing Uptime and Availability
+ Continuous monitoring logs