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Medium-Sized Networks

Networks with up to 500 users

Networks already structured and divided between services provided internally and externally. Seeking centralized management of services to facilitate the control and obtaining information on the activities of the network. Due to the complexity of the topology, demand up new layers of protection against invasions and productivity control. Availability of services is fundamental to avoid losing sales.

Firewall Management and Monitoring

  • Website Control and Restriction
  • Secure and Facilitated communication for affiliates through centralized environment
  • Detailed reports with access history
  • Specific rules for groups and users
  • Support 24/7

Firewall Management Firewall Monitoring


  • Unauthorized access prevention
  • Intrusion detection
  • Indicators of local origin of the attacks
  • Analysis and sorting of false-positive

Anti-Spam Gateway

  • Increasing of user productivity
  • Load reduction in e-mail servers
  • Reduction of malware infection
  • Reduction of information theft through social engineering
Gateway Antispam

Antivirus Management

  • System updates, bank signatures and patches
  • System Scans
  • Logs Reading and Monitoring
  • Detailed analysis of threats
  • Local support load reduction
  • Reducing the unavailability of assets
  • Reports and customized alerts
Managed Antivirus

Assets, Links and Applications Monitoring

  • View real-time availability
  • Detailed analysis of service quality of the links
  • Call opening and early repair procedures
  • Customized alerts according to criticality
  • Preparation of action and contingency plans
  • Monitoring 24/7
Links and Applications Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

  • Real time display of incoming traffic and outgoing links
  • Detail consumption by specific period
  • Delivery verification of the contracted speed
  • Graphic comparison of traffic at different times
  • Consumption screening by malicious software
  • Productivity analysis
Traffic Monitoring (ITM)

Link FailOver & Load Balance

  • Avoid interrupting operations
  • Ensure availability of communication
  • Reduce end-user dissatisfaction with the connection speed
  • Reduce internal calls
  • Optmization of the band distribution
Linkf FailOver & Load Balance

Incident Response Team

Highly specialized team able to analyze, and correlate to screen all
kinds of events, for the sake of your company and business. Working 24/7 with reduced response time, create proactive and preventive actions,
detail information and generate tools that enable better internal
management and minimize the negative impacts.

Incident Response Team