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NAC – Network Access Control

NAC – Access Control

Control access and actions of users and devices on the corporate network.

In times of transition, in which the employee relationship and company has been increasingly interconnected and knowledge becoming the main currency value, the traditional models of management has been put in check. In this transition, there are several terms that when analyzed on a daily basis organizations, has hindered the control of information. And there are many current terms: BYOD (Bring your own device), BYOT (bring your own technology), BYOP (bring your own phone), BYOPC (bring your own PC), etc.

In the “new organizations” the notebook used by the Team Leader is personal. The same notebook used by the child, friends and cousins in the family events. Now what? How to ensure that company policies are being followed when the equipment enters the network?

Control access to your network.

The Aser Security NAC Management Service offers a powerful protection to keep spies and attacks outside the internal network of the company, maintaining the necessary authorizations for different groups of users access the network, or part of it. Our management service helps to strengthen security policies to any person or equipment that demand network access.

The implementation of the NAC holding companies in accordance with international safety standards, protecting the resources of network threats, segmenting the network access network departments to visitors.

The Managed NAC offers:

+ Control of the connected devices on the LAN
+ Policy Enforcement of security mechanisms
+ Mitigating the risks of unauthorized access
+ Traceability of devices on the network
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Support for Compliance Initiatives
+ Continuous monitoring of devices