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Gateway AntiSpam

Eliminate this threat to productivity and network performance.


Spam is a productivity killer.

With six out of ten emails received by employees of organizations being classified as spam, separate legitimate emails from spams can be a nightmare. The fact is that today the spam is the most insidious threat productivity of a company.

The growing competition between companies, brands and products is an undeniable reality.

So for a company to leverage all its competitive advantages, is being increasingly required a high degree of production employees. This culture of production leads to the departments to put pressure on IT teams with complaints related to spam volumes received by each employee, generating stress at work.

We offer powerful protection for your company.

The ASER Security AntiSpam Gateway management service provides powerful protection with support and monitoring of events and alerts with simultaneous learning reputation. It offers several lock levels for different scenarios.


The Gateway AntiSpam offers:

+ Economy in bandwidth consumption
+ Improved employee productivity
+ Security against Phishing, Spyware, Adware, Trojans and viruses
+ Load reduction in the internal mail servers
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Maximizing Uptime and Availability
+ Support Compliance Initiatives
+ Continuous Monitoring Logs