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Small-Sized Networks

Networks with up to 50 users.

In information security design phase, containing up to 3 units that needs to communicate and work with a small team responsible for IT (effective or outsourced). Seek protection solutions for endpoints, prevent damage by interruption of operation and control mechanisms to obtain specific data on the activities of the network.

Firewall Management

  • Websites Control and Restriction
  • Secure and Facilitated communication for affiliates through centralized environment
  • Detailed reports with access history
  • Support 24/7
Firewall Management

Antivirus Management

  • System updates, bank of signatures and patches
  • System Scans
  • Reading and monitoring logs
  • Detailed analysis of threats
  • Local support load reduction
  • Reducing the unavailability of assets
  • Reports and customized alerts
Managed Antivirus

Link FailOver & Load Balance

  • Avoid operation interruptions
  • Ensure availability of communication
  • Reduce end-user dissatisfaction with the connection speed
  • Reduce internal calls
  • Optimization of band distribution
Link FailOver & Load Balance