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Managed Services

UTM Firewall

Get the most out of your Firewall.

We are in a transition, we are in the digital age!

Knowledge has become the most valued item within corporations. The increasing search for knowledge, forced the evolution of applications and search engines, leaving the traditional technology network security without proper control and visibility.

The traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats.

Efforts to regain control and environmental visibility has led companies to add more security devices, increasing costs and the complexity of the IT environment.

It is time for SIMPLICITY.

The ASER Security Firewall Management Service, reduces the need for a large amount of resources with high level of expertise, ensuring greater granularity in access to applications, reducing overtime by the internal team and response to security events by highly specialized team.

The ASER Security Firewall Management Service offers:/em>

+ Firewall Administration 24/7
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Optimization of Firewall Performance
+ Reduce Management and Maintence Costs
+ Maximizing Uptime and Availability
+ Support for Compliance Initiatives
+ Continuous Monitoring Logs


Prevent and detect unauthorized access to your network.

With the increasing emergence of new threats, intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS / IPS) are essential to provide the proactive identification of attacks and protection of critical information for organizations. Although there are no doubts about the need to use IDS / IPS on corporate networks, some companies do not know the best way to deploy them to get the best out of the solution.

The ASER Security IDS / IPS management service provides powerful protection with support and monitoring of events and alerts. We provide the hardware, software, management and monitoring 24/7 with highly trained team.

Alternatively, for customers who already have an IDS / IPS deployed, we can help you enjoy and preserve your investment by adding monitoring layers.


Gateway AntiSpam

Eliminate this threat to productivity and network performance.

Spam is a productivity killer.

With six out of ten emails received by employees of organizations being classified as spam, separate legitimate emails from spams can be a nightmare. The fact is that today the spam is the most insidious threat productivity of a company.

The growing competition between companies, brands and products is an undeniable reality.

So for a company to leverage all its competitive advantages, is being increasingly required a high degree of production employees. This culture of production leads to the departments to put pressure on IT teams with complaints related to spam volumes received by each employee, generating stress at work.

We offer powerful protection for your company.

The ASER Security AntiSpam Gateway management service provides powerful protection with support and monitoring of events and alerts with simultaneous learning reputation. It offers several lock levels for different scenarios.

The Gateway AntiSpam offers:

+ Economy in bandwidth consumption
+ Improved employee productivity
+ Security against Phishing, Spyware, Adware, Trojans and viruses
+ Load reduction in the internal mail servers
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Maximizing Uptime and Availability
+ Support Compliance Initiatives
+ Continuous Monitoring Logs


WAF – Web Application Firewall

Increase the visibility of your website, without losing security.

Being on the web is essential!

The internet has changed the way of how companies relate to customers and society, from being part of the corporate strategy to maintain a web presence. The various mechanisms to maintain this digital presence – websites, blogs and extranets – opened an attack vector for cybercriminals, endangering sensitive data and enhancing the leakage of sensitive information such as the company’s strategic plan. With hundreds of lines of code to verify – and vulnerabilities, many subtle and difficult times to find – have become the organizations more vulnerable.

Protect your web presence.

The Aser Security Web Application Firewall Management Service (WAF) provides protection and real-time monitoring 24x7x365, helping organizations to defend their web presence. Our WAF service reduces deployment complexity and ensures efficient analysis and response to security events without interrupting legitimate traffic of customers.

With the implementation of Managed WAF, companies do not need to wait for the refactoring of code to be safer.

The Managed WAF offers:

+ Maximization of the effectiveness of web applications with continuous adjustment
+Load reduction in the internal application servers
+ Optimization of hardware and software security Expenses
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Maximization of Uptime and Availability
+ Block attacks with multiple layers of protection
+ Traffic identification from bots and malicious sources
+ Compliance with PCI, ISO, FISMA, BITS, HIPAA
+ Integration with Web application vulnerability scanners
+ Continuous monitoring logs


NAC – Network Access Control

Control access and actions of users and devices on the corporate network.

In times of transition, in which the employee relationship and company has been increasingly interconnected and knowledge becoming the main currency value, the traditional models of management has been put in check. In this transition, there are several terms that when analyzed on a daily basis organizations, has hindered the control of information. And there are many current terms: BYOD (Bring your own device), BYOT (bring your own technology), BYOP (bring your own phone), BYOPC (bring your own PC), etc.

In the “new organizations” the notebook used by the Team Leader is personal. The same notebook used by the child, friends and cousins in the family events. Now what? How to ensure that company policies are being followed when the equipment enters the network?

Control access to your network.

The Aser Security NAC Management Service offers a powerful protection to keep spies and attacks outside the internal network of the company, maintaining the necessary authorizations for different groups of users access the network, or part of it. Our management service helps to strengthen security policies to any person or equipment that demand network access.

The implementation of the NAC holding companies in accordance with international safety standards, protecting the resources of network threats, segmenting the network access network departments to visitors.

The Managed NAC offers:

+ Control of the connected devices on the LAN
+ Policy Enforcement of security mechanisms
+ Mitigating the risks of unauthorized access
+ Traceability of devices on the network
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Support for Compliance Initiatives
+ Continuous monitoring of devices

Managed Antivirus

Complete safety and efficient management

The Risk of False Security Sensation

It is estimated that computer viruses cost for companies more than $ 55 million annually. For security, companies are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in licensing and deployment costs. However, companies have not been successful in protecting the seasons. All this arsenal to contain the virus, in fact, is nothing but a dangerous sense of security.

Effective security is only achieved through an integrated project, and its success depends on the involvement and team discipline in 24/7 monitoring.

The antivirus management service of ASER Security provides continuous monitoring of the management console, ensuring the monitoring of virus disseminations, patches and updates to ensure the application on each computer in the baseline.

You will not have to worry about annual license updates or if the updates settings are running on each computer or server.

Managed Antivirus provides:

+ Antivirus Administration 24/7
+ Optimizing the Performance of scans
+ Hosting without server investments
+ Protection against Virus, Spyware, Rootkits and Bots
+ Monthly Reports with safety indicators
+ Proactive Notifications about incidents
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Continuous monitoring logs

The problem

Viruses and Worms pose serious threats to all organizations. When feeling the negative impacts of being online, companies start looking for long-term solutions.

One of our customers was working to deploy antivirus software on their servers and desktops. And despite these efforts, as in most organizations, the results were far from perfect, and several virus outbreaks were still occurring causing considerable disruption and expense for the company, as well as the diversion of IT resources to try to solve such problems.

The solution

In reassessing this customer’s situation, Aser Security’s Information Security experts found that they were in the same situation as most organizations, facing the same problems and making the same mistakes.

Aser Security proposed the implementation of the Antivirus Management Serviceto provide an actively managed and multi-layered system to deal with the problems caused by viruses and worms. The service provided the client with all software licenses combined with the expertise of a team to install, configure and operate 24×7.

The company chose to hire Aser Security’s Antivirus Management Service the morning that would be marked by one of the biggest virus outbreaks on record, “Anna K”. All traffic from the customer’s website was routed through antivirus gateway servers, effectively shielding it from the rest of the internet. The implementation has been completed and fully integrated into the managed server and desktop environment

The result

From the first day the customer realized that the service was delivered as promised. While most organizations struggled with the “Anna k” burden, the Antivirus Management service provided the customer with the security to keep their services online.

The main returns for the client were:

  • Our experts are monitoring your system 24×7, and when other virus outbreaks happen they are ready to take steps to protect you.
  • The customer was not required to purchase additional software. In addition, the previously installed antivirus was returned.
  • Your system now operates without interruption due to viruses, unlike its competitors

Link FailOver & Load Balance

Ensure 100% availability in your operation.

What is the value of 1 minute of your business?

Remain online, considering the growing competition between companies, has become a prerequisite for growth. For a company to leverage all its competitive advantages is essential to be online.

Avoid damage caused by the unavailability of its services.

The ASER Security implements automatic failover solutions, continually checking the health of all the links, ensuring cost reduction and 100% availability. The time to link the convergence of 1s (one second) on average. The change to the other results is transparent to the credit card and ERP systems.

The Link FailOver & Load Balance offers:

+ Visibility of links usage
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Traffic Prioritization
+ Link balancing based on application
+ Maximizing Uptime and Availability
+ Continuous monitoring logs


WAN Optimization

Don’t let problems with network latency and bandwidth limit your business.

Information is a resource management organizations and, for most companies, the information is made available via systems. The user experience is a key factor and is directly linked to productivity. If the extraction of information is too slow or if it is constantly unavailable, your organization may be at risk.

The WAN Optimization provides:

+ Fast installation and simple management
+ Improved application performance
+ Improved bandwidth consumption
+ Visibility of links usage
+ Incident Response 24/7
+ Traffic Prioritization

Are you interested or have any questions?

Ask the contact of our consultants!



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