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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF – Web Application Firewall

Increase the visibility of your website, without losing security.


Being on the web is essential!

The internet has changed the way of how companies relate to customers and society, from being part of the corporate strategy to maintain a web presence. The various mechanisms to maintain this digital presence – websites, blogs and extranets – opened an attack vector for cybercriminals, endangering sensitive data and enhancing the leakage of sensitive information such as the company’s strategic plan. With hundreds of lines of code to verify – and vulnerabilities, many subtle and difficult times to find – have become the organizations more vulnerable.

Protect your web presence.

The Aser Security Web Application Firewall Management Service (WAF) provides protection and real-time monitoring 24x7x365, helping organizations to defend their web presence. Our WAF service reduces deployment complexity and ensures efficient analysis and response to security events without interrupting legitimate traffic of customers.

With the implementation of Managed WAF, companies do not need to wait for the refactoring of code to be safer.


The Managed WAF offers:

+ Maximization of the effectiveness of web applications with continuous adjustment
+Load reduction in the internal application servers
+ Optimization of hardware and software security Expenses
+ Reduce Management and Maintenance Costs
+ Maximization of Uptime and Availability
+ Block attacks with multiple layers of protection
+ Traffic identification from bots and malicious sources
+ Compliance with PCI, ISO, FISMA, BITS, HIPAA
+ Integration with Web application vulnerability scanners
+ Continuous monitoring logs