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RMS – Remote Management System

Portal Aser RMS
Remote Management System

Centralized management of contracted solutions and services.

With more than 10 years in the market and experience in the most diverse segments, ASER Security encountered numerous challenges on which it was based to develop the tools that make up its service portfolio.

From its first customer to the most recent ones, ASER Security is concerned with sharing the information that concerns them and controlling the solutions we implement. With this in mind, we developed the RMS Portal (Remote Management System), where it is possible to have access to all the interfaces of the contracted services, in a single online platform, allowing the mobility of controls.

Some of the features of the RMS Portal:

UTM Firewall Management: Manage all functionality through a complete interface, eliminating the use of lines of code for configuring the Firewall. Know more…

Traffic Filter – WebFilter: Visualize the users and sites that generate the most traffic on your network during a certain period of time through graphs and access reports.
Traffic Monitoring – ITM: View in detail the sources and destinations of your network traffic, and find out in real time which applications and IPs are using your network resources.Know more…

Monitoring of Links & Applications – Map Monitor: Monitor and check the health of the links in each branch using markers on the map, and follow the deadlines agreed with the telecommunications operators to solve the problem. Know more..

E-mail Administration:Manage the services of internal email servers through a simple and complete interface. SKnow more…

VPN Centralizer: Create certificates and define routes for external users to access your internal network through VPN tunnels.